A Jewel to Explore

Asia is one of the most exotic destinations in the world, having one of the oldest and most advanced cultures known to man, steeped in ancient arts, a people wrapped in mystery, dance, dress, and customs, representing centuries of learning and tradition. The land is filled with old world traditions nurtured by time and unique architecture, art and culture are one in Asia, it is a continent of great majesty and practicality.

Asia the world’s largest producer of rice also possesses the Great Wall of China, a big continent known for big things, sky high mountains covered in clouds and mystic sun, others reaching into the clouds affixed with staircases carved into the rocks from centuries past; where evening brings solitude and sunrise brings the world. Asia a place were the temperature can go from burning sun to freezing cold in the distance of a few hours.

Asia holds a jewel for shopper’s Japan; it is also a technological giant. Goods are made on the continent of Asia and shipped around the globe. Asia supplies the world with computers; televisions, sewing needles and the list can go on. You will find the label, “made in Japan,” on a list of worldly goods. The continent that was once shrouded in complete mystery is out doing business with the world, but the mystery still remains. Like the stairways carved into the mountains, a part of the land that is Asia.

There are lovely beaches, plush green valleys, colorful Rickshaws lining the streets, and high-rise buildings scaling the skyline. Modern cities intertwined with a culture centuries old, but somehow the different worlds have agreed to co-exist.

To visit the Asian world might once upon a time have been a culture shock but the world has been reduced in size and thought by jet liners, modern day ships, and the World Wide Web. The culture of Asia is still a mystery, not because it is so far but because it is so deep. It is not possible to understand such a diverse land overnight, but one can spend time and thought to get a grasp. Just as so many centuries ago the Asian continent was a jewel to explore. So it is today.