Plan Your Visit According to Weather in Japan

Due to different geographical conditions and topographical position, the climate of one country varies from the other. Similarly, climate and weather in Japan is entirely different from that of other countries. It enjoys mild and temperate climate except subtropical areas of Okinawa and Hokkaido to the north. Japan has four distinct seasons- winter, summer, spring and autumn. Annually these seasons can be divided as follows :

Spring, experienced during the month of March, April and May
Summers, in the month of June, July and August
Autumn, in the month of September, October and November
Winters, in the month of December, January and February

Lot of snow can easily be seen on the side of Sea of Japan in winters, with dryness on Pacific Ocean side whereas summers are hot and humid. Though rainy season in Japan last for about 40 days, during the month of June and July, but Japan Information network.

Suggest that Japan usually have high amount of rainfall and typhoon season is experienced during the months of August to October. The condition generally become humid and rainy in rainy season, so it is always advisable to enquire about the climate in Japan, before actually visiting a place.

People traveling to Japan in summer should visit Hokkaido in the North, as it is too hot on Honshu and other islands. These places welcomes rainy season, as it bring relief to them. The mountain of Tohoku or Chubu is generally seen filled by the people of Tokyo on weekends, as it bring relief from relentless heat. During typhoon
season in the month of august and early September, high pressure system is formed in the tropical areas of the western Pacific Ocean, thus, striking southern region of Japan and bringing strong winds and torrential rains.

A sort of storm in Japan’s climate is relieved by the arrival of autumn that brings a drop in temperature and drier conditions. Thus, this time of October and November in addition to spring is considered a good time to travel Japan to celebrate clearer and warmer days.

A cold temperature of winters is considered a pleasant time, as days are clear with occasional rains or snow. One can find numerous of tourists during this season enjoying famous hot bath of the country. Hot bath amid the snow covered hills and gently falling snow is an exciting experience.

Winter sports such as snow boarding and skiing can be best enjoyed in the northern areas of Honshu Island such as Hakuba and Nagano. So, plan and have a trip to Japan as per your interest. Enjoy wonderful cherry blossoms and colorful autumn foliage on your visit to Japan.