Magnificent Asia

From Mount Everest, the planet earth’s highest mountain, to Tokyo, the most populated metropolis in the world, Asia is a land of grand proportions. Asia contains more than half of the human population of the world and spreads geographically over a huge area. Most of Asia’s boundaries are water: the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Arctic Ocean to the north, the continent of Europe to the west, the Red Sea to the southwest and the Indian Ocean to the south.

Asia’s diversity of cultures and landscapes creates an irresistible draw for travelers. Ultramodern bustling mega cities like Tokyo and Hong Kong occupy one end of the spectrum, while tiny remote villages in areas such as the Himalayas reside near the opposite end. Asia is naturally infused with spiritual places, as it is the birthplace of so many religions. Deities from Buddhism and Hinduism abound, and in many Middle Eastern locales, visitors should make themselves familiar with Islamic traditions so as not to offend.

The options for vacations in Asia vary widely, from lovely secluded beaches, to orthodox cities, to jungles with ancient monuments, to vast snow-covered mountains. For air travelers, the airports with the largest number of connecting flights are in Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. The modes of ground travel available are almost too numerous to list, but include train, bus, taxi, rental car, ferry, water taxi, aerial tram and rickshaw.

Many of the world’s greatest wonders can be found in Asia. The famous Great Wall of China and India’s spectacular Taj Mahal are two of the better-known attractions, but many visitors come to see lesser-known sights. The fascinating temple ruins of Angkor in Cambodia, the modern Olympic venues in Beijing which were built for the 2008 games and the park-like grounds of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo are but a few of Asia’s plentiful sights.

Asia’s diversity of delectable food is another draw for visitors. From India’s fiery curries, to Thailand’s fresh local seafood, to Japan’s udon and ramen noodles, to the hummous and grains of the Middle East, the cuisine of Asia will satisfy the gastronomic dreams of every traveler.

Travel in Asia, the most diverse continent on the planet, is endlessly fascinating and rewarding!